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Partnerships are an important way that AIP Publishing fulfills our mission to support the American Institute of Physics’ charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. Through collaboration with society publishing partners and industry organizations, AIP Publishing is able to support a broader community of physical scientists around the world and bring high-quality research to the widest global audience. Partnerships also enable us to harness technical developments to evolve scientific communications and accelerate scientific discovery.

AIP Publishing partners with a number of global learned societies to produce a body of trusted and influential research journals. This approach allows AIP Publishing to make greater investments in infrastructure and resources to better serve the needs of society partners and researcher members.

Collective effort on industry initiatives, on behalf of AIP and our publishing partners, helps us to keep pace with rapid, constant change in a digital world and shape the future of physical science communications. AIP Publishing is a leader in efforts to improve and evolve the author experience, peer review, metadata, archiving, and bibliometrics, as well as expand access to research through Open Science.


AIP Publishing is pleased to publish for these organizations:




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