AVS announces New Pricing Structure for 2014

AVS Introduces New Pricing to Offer Greater Flexibility to its Customers

AVSIn 2014, the AVS will be implementing a series of pricing changes and product configurations designed to lower the subscription costs for smaller institutions, increase researcher access to its content and give greater pricing flexibility to institutional subscribers of all sizes. Beginning this year, JVST A, JVST B and Surface Science Spectra will be sold as a bundled package and will no longer be available as separate subscriptions.

Additional changes include:

  • The creation of a backfile option that can be leased or purchased
  • New, attractively priced “e-only” subscriptions
  • The implementation of a six-tier pricing model that lowers the cost of subscription for smaller institutions.

The AVS Bundle

The JVST A&B bundle just got better, with the addition of Surface Science Spectra at no extra charge. Providing reference, comparison, and technical spectra representing a range of spectra including XPS, AES and SIMS, including downloadable digital data, this journal is a high-value addition to your existing subscription that will be heavily used for years to come.

Introducing the NEW AVS Archives

Expanding the AVS backfiles to include content published up to 1999 creates a richer Archives collection of seminal research that dates back to 1964 - now available as a lease or a one-time purchase.

E-only Subscriptions

Following the evolution of journal pricing from print to electronic models, the AVS is pleased to announce that it is offering an “electronic only” subscription option for 2014. While offering a print option for those customers who still want it, these new AVS “electronic only” subscriptions offer lower price points while reducing the costs associated with maintaining your print copy collection.

Affordable Tier Pricing

The introduction of a new, six tier pricing structure lowers the cost of access for smaller and mid-size institutions, enabling more researchers around the world to have access to this valuable collection.

Whether you’re a small academic institution or a large corporate R&D outfit, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.The new AVS pricing changes will bring you greater flexibility and affordability in providing your researchers with some of the world’s best materials-related research, while enabling the AVS to continue to fulfill its mission to foster the growth of science through a healthy, valuable and dynamic publishing program.

Tier JVST A&B/SSS Online Only

USA & Possessions

JVST A&B/SSS Backfile Add-on

USA & Possessions

JVST A&B/SSS Print Add-on

USA & Possessions

JVST A&B/SSS Archive

USA & Possessions

Print Shipping Fees

Must be added to all orders shipped
outside USA and possessions

1 $1,310 $330 $460 $3,960 $260
2 $1,475 $370 $515 $4,440 $260
3 $1,640 $410 $575 $4,920 $260
4 $1,720 $430 $600 $5,160 $260
5 $1,805 $450 $630 $5,400 $260
6 $1,885 $470 $660 $5,640 $260

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