AIP Publishing Begins Opening Federally Funded Research to the Public

Melville, NY, October 14, 2015 – AIP Publishing Begins Opening Federally Funded Research to the Public

October marks AIP Publishing’s first release of government-funded research via CHORUS

AIP Publishing announced today that from this month, it is one of the first STM publishers to begin making federally funded research articles it publishes in its journals publicly available through CHORUS (Clearing House for the Open Research of the United States). Over the next twelve months, AIP Publishing will make over 900 government funded articles freely available to the public via CHORUS, helping the U.S. government expand access to research funded by the American public.

Under the leadership of former Executive Director of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), Fred Dylla, AIP and AIP Publishing have been a driving force in the founding of CHORUS, enabling the organization to develop a cost-effective solution to meet the requirements of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) memorandum of 2013. The memorandum, aimed at government agencies with annual R&D expenditure of over $100M, requires that federally funded research be made freely available within one year of publication.

“The American Institute of Physics and AIP Publishing are proud to have played a leading role in the CHORUS initiative,” said Dr. John Haynes, Chief Executive Officer of AIP Publishing. “By working collaboratively with funding agencies and researchers, CHORUS has used existing infrastructure to devise a simple yet effective content discovery platform that allows researchers and the public alike to easily find and access federally funded research.”

“Our commitment to CHORUS illustrates our dedication to helping the researchers we serve meet their government-mandated Open Access obligations and increase access to their research,” stated Dr. Jason Wilde, Chief Publishing Officer of AIP Publishing. “In addition to this initiative, we have been responding to the needs of scientists by increasing the number of Open Access titles within our journal portfolio. In only 5 short years, our Open Access flagship journal, AIP Advances, has become our fastest growing journal in terms of authors and readers. APL Materials and Structural Dynamics (co-published with the American Crystallographic Association) are also showing similar growth patterns. To further meet the needs of researchers our newest Open Access title, APL Photonics, will launch in 2016.”

About AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). AIP Publishing’s mission is to support the charitable, scientific and educational purposes of AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the fields of the physical and related sciences on its own behalf, on behalf of Member Societies of AIP, and on behalf of other publishing partners to help them proactively advance their missions. AIP Publishing’s portfolio comprises 19 highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including the flagship journals Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, and The Journal of Chemical Physics, in addition to the AIP Conference Proceedings.

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